The rise of crypto-charities: A call to action

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In recent months (Q1 2021), a large number of new “charity cryptocurrency” projects were launched. More than simply a fad — of which there are many in the crypto world — we believe this is the beginning of a transformative change in philanthropy.

These “crypto-charity” projects leverage the power of decentralized finance (so-called “DeFi”) to bring together like-minded people around the world, who pool their resources via low-cost blockchain solutions to support causes that matter to them. Contributors to these projects gain shares in the respective projects. These shares, also known as “coins,” can be sold on the open market, at prices determined by the forces of demand and supply. Since these projects denominate their charity contributions in their own coins, the higher the value that the coins achieve, the more donations that can be made via fiat currencies such as US dollars. Therefore, from the perspective of contributors, these cryptocurrency projects are a mixture of philanthropy and investment.

Crypto-charities use decentralized finance to pull together resources from around the planet, to support philanthropic causes for the environment, human welfare, and animal welfare.

Each crypto-charity project supports a specific cause. This can include the environment (SAFEEARTH, SavePlanetEarth), people (Orfano, Lifeline Token), and animals (WOOF). There are “meme coins” like PIT and ELONGATE that make one-off donations. We believe however that the category of single-cause crypto-charity projects represent a significant development. This is the focus of our mission at Coins for Humanity.

From the perspective of the public, these crypto-charities can seem daunting. Not only are hybrid investment-philanthropy vehicles unfamiliar to most, these projects are built on cutting-edge blockchain technology that remains mysterious to many. And since these projects launched all within the past few weeks, none of them has the years of track record to rival established non-profits and fundraisers. In short, while these crypto-charity projects have made significant gains in the cryptocurrency circle, the next barrier they must overcome is to breakthrough to the general public, by earning their trust, and by demonstrating legitimacy.

This is why we started Coins for Humanity. Our mission is to introduce crypto-charities to the general public, and help these projects succeed in their causes to support the environment, human welfare, and animal welfare.

To this end, we are putting out a call to stakeholders: crypto-charity project leader, fundraisers, investor-philanthropists, marketing and public relations, subject matter experts (environmentalism, human welfare, and animal welfare), and anyone else who want to be a part of this transformative development. Please fill out this form to join this effort. Comments and suggestions are very much welcomed as well, thank you.

Coins For Humanity will attempt to answer these key questions for crypto-charities:

  • What makes crypto-charities unique? What are their strengths and their best use cases?

We are also active on Twitter where we track the hour-by-hour rapid development of crypto-charity projects. Please feel free to say hi!

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