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In recent months (Q1 2021), a large number of new “charity cryptocurrency” projects were launched. More than simply a fad — of which there are many in the crypto world — we believe this is the beginning of a transformative change in philanthropy.

These “crypto-charity” projects leverage the power of decentralized finance (so-called “DeFi”) to bring together like-minded people around the world, who pool their resources via low-cost blockchain solutions to support causes that matter to them…

At Coins for Humanity, we believe that crypto-charities are not a fad, and that they represent a revolution in philanthropy and giving. Nevertheless, we must acknowledge there can be risks in putting your tokens into these projects.

How can we be sure that the project will be a success long-term? How can we feel safe entrusting our tokens to the project? Who is in charge of the project? How accountable are they? How secure are the code and its administrative wallets? Are donations actually being made?

There are no simple answers to these questions. Crypto-charities come and go, the technology…

Coins for Humanity

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